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Dr Charlotte B. Buckley MPhys, MRes, PhD

Post Doctoral Research Associate

Charlotte started her scientific career by completing a undergraduate Masters in Physics at the University of Durham, where she became interested in the use of optics for helping to solve biological problems.


She then gained a position on the BHF Centre of Research Excellence 4 Year PhD Program at Edinburgh University, which aimed to integrate physical scientists into the biological sciences. During her PhD with Prof John Mullins, she used state-of-the-art imaging, image analysis and molecular biology techniques to try and understand how the enzyme renin, which is important for blood pressure regulation, is formed, processed and secreted.  

She did her first post doctoral position at the University of Edinburgh on characterisation and optimisation of precision cell targeting in larval zebrafish by integrating a Bessel beam into a home-built selective plane illumination microscope. 

She also worked in the Confocal and Light Microscopy imaging facility, helping researchers achieve their scientific objectives and providing training on widefield, confocal, multiphoton and light sheet systems.    

Charlotte moved to Strathclyde and took up her position as a Post Doctoral Research Associate in the McCarron group in April 2018. In addition to using novel microscopy techniques to rapidly image the vascular smooth muscle and endothelial cell layers in en face endothelial preparations, Charlotte is investigating the effect of immunosuppressant drugs on calcium signalling in the intact endothelium.

Charlotte is committee chair of the Scottish Microscopy Society.  

Charlotte can be contacted via:



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