Prizes Awarded

Calum Wilson, Xun Zhang, Matthew Lee, Helen Heathcote, Charlotte Buckley, Margaret MacDonald, John McCarron
Calum Wilson
Supporter's Choice Winner
Matthew Lee
Calum Wilson and Matthew Lee
Experimental Biology
Calum Wilson
Physiology ECPS, The Physiological Society
Calum Wilson

Invited Talks


11th World Congress for Microcirculation: Emerging technologies in microvascular imaging, Vancouver, Canada
13th International Workshop on Cardiovascular Biology and Translational Medicine: Endothelial signaling, London, UK
Europhysiology: Vascular Special Interest Group, London, UK
British Society for Cardiovascular Research Autumn Meeting, Sheffield, UK
Experimental Biology: Novel Discoveries in Vascular Physiology, San Diego, USA


19th Imperial College London Symposium: Endothelial Networks, London, UK
FASEB Summer Conference: Smooth Muscle, Lisbon, Portugal


British Pharmacological Society: Pharmacological aspects of microvascular cell-cell signalling and CVS disease, Oxford, UK


Experimental Biology: Mitochondria and the Vasculature in Health and Disease, Boston, USA
German Physiological Society: Endothelial control of vascular function, Magdeburg 
10th World Congress for Microcirculation: Impact of mitochondrial function on vascular function in disease, Kyoto, Japan


International Congress on Cell membrane and oxidative stress, Isparta, Turkey 
Society for Experimental Biology: Imaging and Analysis, Manchester, UK

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