British Heart Foundation, 2020-2023
A multicellular endothelial signalling web coordinates vascular function and is impaired in hypertension
John McCarron, Per Uhlen, Rhian Touyz, Charlotte Buckley, Calum Wilson
British Heart Foundation, 2020-2023
Mitochondrial amplification of local calcium entry and vascular contraction in hypertension
John McCarron, Susan Chalmers, Charlotte Buckley, Calum Wilson
Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Wellcome Fellowship, 2017-2021
Optical Dissection of Endotheliel Calcium Signalling
Calum Wilson
Optical Cannula: Development of a tool for studying the inside of tubular organs under physiological conditions.
Wellcome Trust Technology Development Grant, 2017-2020
John McCarron, Christopher Saunter, John Girkin
British Heart Foundation, 2017-2020
Endothelial Ca2+ signalling in hypertension visualized from inside pressurized arteries
John McCarron, Calum Wilson
British Heart Foundation, 2017-2020
Endothelial acetylcholine release explains flow-mediated dilation and is impaired in type 2 diabetes
John McCarron, Calum Wilson
SULSA PECRE Award, 2016
Dissecting Signalling Computations in the Vascular Endothelium
Calum Wilson
British Heart Foundation Project Grant, 2012-2016
Imaging changes in mitochondrial architecture and mobility in vascular disease
John McCarron, Susan Chalmers, Paul Coats
Wellcome Trust Programme Grant, 2010-2017
Targeting Ca2+ signals in smooth muscle
John McCarron, Richard Hartley
British Heart Foundation Project Grant, 2011-2013
Inhibitory purinergic signalling in vascular smooth muscle and its alteration in hypertension
Debbie MacMillan, John McCarron, Charles Kennedy
British Heart Foundation Project Grant, 2010-2013
Involvement of AMPK in calcium regulation in atherosclerotic blood vessels
Marie-Ann Ewart, Simon Kennedy, Susan Currie, John McCarron

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