Depolarization (-70 mV to 0 mV) of a single voltage-clamped smooth muscle cell activated a voltage-dependent Ca2+ current and rise in global [Ca2+] throughout the cell.  The rise in [Ca2+] declined after the depolarization ended.  Mitochondrial position was determined in the same cell by labeling the organelles with TMRE.  In the movie file (lower panel) the magnitude of the rise in [Ca2+] (y-axis) is shown on a pixel-by-pixel basis to the centre of mass of each nearest mitochondrion (x-axis). The rise in [Ca2+] was largest close to a mitochondrion. In the inset in the movie, the global [Ca2+] throughout the cell is shown and the red moving line shows the time-point of the [Ca2+] changes in the movie file.