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Figure XX - ECs vs SMCs-01.tif

Figure 1 – Selective loading of endothelial and smooth muscle cells in the vascular wall.

A) Images showing an artery in which the endothelium was preferentially labelled with Cal-520/AM (30 minutes, 37oC) before (+ Endothelium) and after (- Endothelium) removal of the endothelial cell layer using a human hair. Scale bars = 100 µm.

B) Fluorescence images showing endothelial (green) and smooth muscle (red) cell layers in an artery visualized after prolonged (60 minutes, 37oC) incubation with Fluo-4/AM (10 µM). Prolonged loading results in indicator in the smooth muscle as well as endothelium, confocal microscopy can be used to selectively image either layer. Scale bar = 20 µm. 

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